General Motors and battery partner LG are about to announce a second battery plant. The second plant will supply GM batteries for its next-generation EV’s powered by the company’s Ultium batteries.

Reuters reports the companies will announce plans to invest $2.3 billion into another battery plant near Spring Hill, Tennessee. This further perpetuates earlier reports GM and LG were targeting Tennessee for the second battery plant. GM already has a vehicle assembly plant in Spring Hill, which is slated to produce the Ultium-powered Cadillac Lyriq crossover. Last year GM announced a $2 billion investment into Spring Hill to convert the plant for EV production.

This battery plant will join one in Lordstown, Ohio that has been under construction for over a year. The Lordstown plant has the capacity to produce 30 gigawatt hours of batteries per year, deeming it a ‘gigafactory.’

The new battery plant is expected to be a gigafactory as well, implying the plant produces in excess of 1 gigawatt hour of energy per year. Additionally, sources indicate the new factory will build a different, more cost-effective chemistry than the Lordstown plant.

GM and LG, under the joint-venture Ultium Cells, LLC, are expected to announce details of the new factory as soon as this Friday.