General Motors and partner LG Energy Solutions have announced a second U.S. battery plant. The $2.3 billion facility will be Spring Hill, Tennessee and supply about half a million battery packs a year.

The battery plant will be about 2.8-million square-feet when it opens in late 2023. The two companies say they intend to employ around 1,300 at the facility and have the capacity to produce 35 gigawatt-hours of energy each year. These are similar statistics to the two companies first U.S. battery plant, which is currently under construction in Lordstown, Ohio.

While both battery plants will produce Ultium battery packs, the chemistry utilized in the new Tennessee plant will be more efficient than the Ohio plant. GM says the plant will produce packs for the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq. Since the Lyriq is launching before the plant opens, LG will produce batteries for the Lyriq in South Korea until the Tennessee plant opens. The Lyriq will be produced at GM’s vehicle assembly plant in Spring Hill as well.

Sources have hinted that GM intends to build another Cadillac EV in Spring Hill, called the Smboliq. Additionally, GM is likely to build an Acura EV in Spring Hill as part of an alliance with Honda.

GM is expected to need additional battery plants beyond the two announced facilities.