General Motors has confirmed two more electric commercial vans. The new models will join the previously-announced BrightDrop EV600, which was announced earlier this year.

GM CEO Mary Barra confirmed the two models during a recent discussion on the company’s earnings. The chief executive confirmed that the first new van will wear a Chevrolet badge. This van will likely be similar to the very old Chevrolet Express, but it isn’t clear if it will replace the Express or just complement it. Nonetheless, the new van will be battery-electric with GM Ultium battery system.

The second van is a little more interesting. It will not be exclusively powered by batteries. Instead, GM notes it will combine Ultium batteries with GM’s Hydrotec fuel cell technology. This certainly implies it will be a larger van designed for longer hauls, something EV’s are not necessarily optimized for yet. GM did not specify which brand will get this van.

This isn’t the only recent mention of GM commercializing its Hydrotec fuel cell platform. The company recently inked a deal with Wabec to develop locomotives powered by Ultium batteries and Hydrotec fuel cell technology. A similar deal has been sealed with semi-truck maker Navistar.

GM is likely trying to keep up with Ford Motor Company when it comes to commercial EV vans. Ford’s new E-Transit battery-electric van is launching this year and arrives with multiple configurations for fleet operators. Meanwhile, the BrightDrop EV600 is reportedly delayed with only a handful of units produced in 2021 by a GM supplier.