In what has not happened since it was in bankruptcy, General Motors was not the best selling automaker for a month in the United States. For March 2016, the title belonged to Ford.

Ford sales in March totaled 254,711 to GM’s 252,128. Ford sales were up 8.0-percent whereas GM sales were up only 0.9-percent.

Leaving Ford’s charge was the Ford F-Series, Transit, and Edge.

GM sales were hindered by the 11.3-percent drop in Buick sales and the 5.1-percent drop at Cadillac.

Ford F-Series notably outsold the GM twins of the Silverado and Sierra combined.

GM notes that its rental fleet sales were down 14,000 units, or 33-percent, in March. There is no word on Ford’s fleet sales.

We will have to wait and see if this holds for forthcoming months.

And no, this is no April Fools Day joke…