Automotive News reports that while June sales results show that the Chevrolet Silverado was able to secure its largest market share since January, its advertising campaign questioning the strength of the Ford F-150’s aluminum beds doesn’t appear to have put a dent in the segment leader’s standing.

Sales of the F-150 were up 40 percent in June from the same period a year ago, with the segment share for Ford’s full F-Series lineup reaching its highest level since January 2015.

Despite Silverado sales being down 3.7 percent, Chevrolet considered the promotion to be a success. According to company spokesman Jim Cain, close to 10 percent of Silverado sales in June were made to previous F-150 owners.

For the month of June, market share for the Silverado was up, rising from 25.1 percent in May to 26.7 percent. Ford saw its F Series market share increase from 37.5 percent in May to 38.1 percent.