General Motors rolled out some fairly grand plans for battery-electric vehicles last week, including the announcement of its new Ultium battery system. Amongst the sea of news the automaker generated was a Twitter post that has sparked rumors that perhaps an electric Camaro could be in the works.

The video published on Twitter flashes various vehicle silhouettes atop the company’s new BEV3 electric vehicle architecture. At about the three-second spot a silhouette appears that looks remarkably like a Chevrolet Camaro. The silhouette has a long hood and short rear deck, iconic proportions for a muscle car.

Part of the announcement last week confirmed the company’s new BEV3 architecture is flexible enough to build just about any type of vehicle. This flexibility enables front, rear or all-wheel-drive and nearly any body type, from pickup to coupe.

Clearly BEV3 could build a Camaro-type vehicle, it’s just a question of whether or not GM would actually pull the trigger. We already know Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC are all slated to get multiple models built off the BEV3 program, but not all of said models have been detailed just yet.

The current Camaro is slated to hang around until 2023. GM extended the life of the sixth-generation coupe after plans for its replacement were put to pasture during GM’s restructuring efforts in late 2018. By all accounts, there are currently no plans for a new Camaro on a traditional platform.

So the question will be: will GM leverage BEV3 to save the Camaro nameplate?

Given GM’s macro strategy with electrification appears to be focused on vehicles that can command higher prices, it does seem reasonably plausible to assume a Camaro could be part of the initial crop of GM electric vehicles.

It is worth noting that this is all pure speculation at this point. GM has not stated anything official when it comes to the prospects of an electric Camaro.