Those in the market for a new small car will be pleased to know the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is headed to dealerships. The car is launching with a full redesign, including new engines and more options.

Following the trend in the compact car segment, the headliner with the new Cruze is its option list. Cruze buyers can now opt for luxuries such as heated rear seats, auto high-beams and smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The base price of the 2016 Cruze rests at $17,495 (after shipping charges) for a stripped Cruze L with a manual transmission. Those wanting all the goodies can acquire a fully-loaded Cruze Premier for $29,035. In total, Cruze pricing is in the neighborhood of the competition, however it does get slightly pricier at the top end.

According to sources within the Lordstown, Ohio plant that assembles the Cruze, the car has had its fair share of production delays. Production of the new Cruze was reportedly stopped entirely a few times to adjust, but finally the car was given the green-light by Detroit to begin shipping.

Personally we’re slightly more excited for the upcoming Cruze Hatchback, which is still a ways off from production.