A new patent filing from SAIC, General Motors’ joint-venture partner in China, suggest an electric Chevrolet Equinox is in the works. The drawing shows an Equinox-like body with a front clip that makes it obvious this isn’t a gas-powered model.

The patent, first discovered by Motor Trend, was filed with China National Intellectual Property Administration. Much like U.S. patents, this one includes several basic renderings to showcase the overall vehicle design. Anyone with a trained eye will immediately recognize this vehicle from the A-pillar back: it’s an Equinox. The overall greenhouse is effectively unchanged from today’s gas-powered Equinox.

Spinning the rendering around to the rear makes it even more obvious. While the lower fascia is slightly edgier than today’s Equinox, the rest is nearly a carbon copy. The primary difference around back is what appears to be a new wrap-around taillamp treatment, something that is becoming a bit of a trend with EV’s.

The most noteworthy piece here is the front clip. It almost looks like designers took the 2022 Bolt EUV’s face and attempted to blend it with the Equinox. The result completely changes the face of the Equinox by removing the grille and going to extremely slim LED headlights. The headlights then create a very hard crease that extends down vertically to bring shape to the fascia.

General Motors is in the midst of launching 30 new electric vehicles between now and 2025. We already know that at least one (though likely more) will be a Chevrolet crossover. Could this Equinox rendering be one of them? It certainly seems plausible given the popularity of the gas-powered Equinox in China and North America.

That said, this is hardly a slam-dunk for North America. SAIC has very aggressive EV goals on their own for the Chinese market. Just because they appear to be working on an electrified Equinox does not automatically mean it will make its way stateside.