Well chalk this one up to one of the more bizarre things to happen in automotive. Today the domain www.chevyjoltev.com surfaced with photos of a stunning new “Chevrolet” product, only Chevrolet supposedly has nothing to do with it. Naturally, word circulated the social web like wild fire this afternoon, primarily because the fake Chevrolet Jolt looks really cool…and reasonably realistic. Even the fake website looks strikingly similar to the corporate Chevy site.

The site claims that the 2018 Chevrolet Jolt is an all-electric coupe with about 230 miles of range. The only reason this car has any remote feasibility to it is for the fact that all of the photos are 1) well done and 2) clearly based on the Chevrolet Tru140 concept car that GM showed way back in 2012. At the time the Tru140 and Code130 were battling out to win fanfare to justify production. Apparently neither coupe made a business case as Chevrolet has been completely silent on the issue since 2012.

At any rate, the Tru has shown its face yet again through this folly of a website…thing. The motive behind this is really anyone’s guess at this point, but whoever did it went to a lot of effort and certainly knows a couple things about web development. We looked up the domain to find it was registered back on March 10th on domain website GoDaddy.com. It goes without saying that the domain was registered anonymously, which also points heavily to this being a hoax.

It’s almost unfortunate that it is a fake, as the car looks really nice and the make-believe statistics sound great too. Nonetheless, another day in automotive.