The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV was just revealed earlier this week, which also opened up the reservation system for the EV pickup truck. Well, GM claims reservations are already full for the top trim level.

GM CEO Mary Barra claims reservations for the Silverado EV RST First Edition filled up in just 12 minutes after the announcement on Wednesday. Of course, there’s an unknown with that statement. GM isn’t disclosing how many allocations it had for RST First Editions. That said, the RST First Edition carries a $105,000 price tag, so any material volume would be impressive.

Oddly, the RST First Edition will not be the first Silverado EV to hit the streets. Chevrolet will launch the Silverado EV Work Truck first next year. The RST will be the second trim level to launch, which is a bit of a pivot from the company’s launch strategy deployed for the GMC Hummer EV. We’ve detailed the Silverado launch plan here.

RST First Edition buyers are getting the best of everything. The truck is powered by a pair of electric motors that generate 664 horsepower and 778 pound-feet of torque. The RST also comes with goodies such as Super Cruise, four-wheel steering and a host of other luxury items.