General Motors has made a host of headlines this week out of its Investor Day. Among the furry of EV news is confirmation there will be battery-electric variants of the Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox crossovers.

During the company’s presentation regarding their EV plans, GM President Mark Reuss discussed the two EV models. Reuss stated the company is working on an “Equinox EV” that will be priced around $30,000 and be similarly sized to today’s gas model. The Equinox EV will also launch before 2025.

Reuss went on to add that GM will have a Blazer EV as well. Like the Equinox, it will be a high-volume entry. Further details of the Blazer EV were not disclosed, but Reuss concluded by stating they are working on an even lower-cost Chevrolet EV crossover, but said the company isn’t ready to share details quite yet. Given the quoted $30,000 starting price for the Equinox EV, one can assume he’s implying a crossover with a price tag around $20,000.

All three new EV’s will be based on GM’s Ultium battery system. This implies that they will not be built on modified versions of the existing Blazer or Equinox.

This news isn’t entirely surprisingly. A patent drawing submitted by GM in China appeared to be an Equinox EV. It’s unclear if the vehicle design in the patent drawing is in fact the same Equinox Reuss is referring to or if the U.S. will have a unique variant. SIAC-GM in China often develops one-off vehicles exclusively for the Chinese market.

All of this advances GM’s aggressive EV goals, which now include converting 50 percent of their North American vehicle manufacturing to EV production by 2030.