A 30-minute feature video followed by a Bow Tie panel discussion kicked off Chevrolet’s reveal of the 2023 Corvette Z06. The car will be available in two models, a coupe with a manual removable roof panel and a hardtop convertible. Only the doors, hood and hatch are shared with the standard C8.

One of the biggest changes will be just aft of the driver, the Corvette’s first-ever flat-plane crank V-8 engine. Designated LT6, it’s a low-volume, hand-built, 5.5L, DOHC, 32-valve V-8 is expected to generate 670 horsepower and 460 lbs-ft of torque. Redline is pegged at 8,600 rpm. Backing the engine is an eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Wearing some accessories borrowed from the C8.R racing car – front fascia, larger intakes and a revised side air intake – the car has a wide, imposing stance and flare-out wheel arches. Twin, seven-spoke alloys set the Z06 apart from lesser ‘Vettes.

Out back should be a new center-exit, four-pipe exhaust set-up and a redone lower fascia to account for the wider fenders.

Options include a Z07 Performance Package, which offers a more aggressive front splitter, dive planes, a unique rear wing and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tires. The alloys mentioned above are replaced a set of carbon fiber wheels for less unsprung weight and higher performance levels.

All Z06s will wear 20-inch tires in front (275/30R20) and 21-inchers at the back (345/25R21). These are considerably wider than what was available on the C7 Z06. Base tires will be Michelin Pilot Sports while those with the Z07 package will get the Michelin 2Rs noted above.

The Z06 has GM’s brilliant Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 combined with more aggressive spring rates and stiffer bushings compared to the more vanilla C8s.

Inside, more carbon fiber dressing and Z06 badging seems to be most significant changes from the standard C8. Z06-specific seating and materials, including carbon fiber seatbacks.

The Z06 will be built in GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky factory alongside the regular C8s. Final pricing will depend on options and availability. Availability begins summer of 2022.