Mark the day. On February 27, 2020 the last Chevrolet Impala exited the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant, effectively closing the chapter on one of the longest-running nameplates in automotive.

We knew the end was coming. Actually, Impala production was supposed to halt two other times in the last year, but GM kept giving it a reprieve. However, The Detroit News reports the assembly line at D-Ham has gone quiet, with Impala and Cadillac CT6 production officially over.

GM is closing the metro Detroit assembly plant for several months to retool it for production of battery-electric vehicles. Specifically, this plant will build a lineup of SUV’s and trucks, including the confirmed GMC Hummer EV pickup that GM is already teasing. The plant’s original fate prior to a new union deal inked late last year was permanent closure, so the small break is much more palatable for its workforce.

It’s entirely unknown if there’s any sort of future for the Impala nameplate at Chevy. Given the global shift away from sedans and towards utility vehicles, if there is a future for it, it’s likely a long way off. Though it is worth mentioning this isn’t the first time the Impala name has been axed, only to return again.