One of the first questions many of us had when the all-new Ford Maverick was revealed was: will GM have an answer to this? It turns out GM may have an answer to the Maverick, but it is unlikely to be sold in the U.S.

Chevrolet is issuing a teaser shot of the upcoming Chevrolet Montana. The Montana is not a new nameplate. In fact, the Chevrolet Montana has been sold in South America since 2003. Since its original launch it has been a car-based, single-cab trucklet that’s garnered little to no attention globally. To be honest, the current one (below) is not the most attractive vehicle by any means.

What’s interesting this time around is that GM appears to be redefining the Montana. The teaser is showing off a vehicle with a more truck-like profile. The image also verifies that the new Montana will apparently be offered in crew cab format. This would mark the first time the Montana has offered four doors.

So on the surface it appears the new Montana may be of a similar mold to the Ford Maverick. Unfortunately, similar form and function may not be enough in this case. The new Montana is built on a GM architecture that is designed specifically for low-cost, emerging markets. This small fact alone probably negates the idea the Montana is ever sold in North America. It’s unlikely the Montana could be easily federalized in the U.S. without a significant reworking.

Which brings up the next option. GM could develop a North American specific Montana on one of their global architectures. It would be a clean sheet design and cost a fortune. It just depends how big GM thinks the opportunity is for small, car-based pickups in the U.S.

When GM decided to reenter the midsize pickups segment, Ford quickly followed with a new Ford Ranger. Will the same rival-induced product planning happen with GM this time? Time will tell.