It’s been some time since the Chevrolet Camaro has outsold the Ford Mustang. Apparently it has been so long that some of the folks at General Motors are ready to try something new. That something new? A rebate targeted directly at Ford Mustang owners.

According to GM Authority Chevrolet is now offering a $3,000 rebate to buyers who have owned a Ford Mustang within the last 30 days. This is actually not a new tactic. Chevy first started the targeted rebate at Mustang owners back in August with $2,500 on the hood. The program was then extended into September and now upped to $3,000 for October.

If your name hasn’t blessed the title of a Ford Mustang in the last month, Chevy will give you only a $1,000 rebate towards a Camaro purchase. For both incentives buyers must take delivery by the end of October, though GM could extend the offers into November.

Sales of the Camaro were down 15 percent during the third quarter of this year versus the same period las year. During the last quarter the Dodge Challenger also ended up outselling the Camaro, meaning the Camaro is now at the back of the pony car pack when it comes to sales.