Chevrolet has confirmed it is dropping its rear park assist feature from the Corvette. The company is blaming the ongoing global semiconductor shortage as the reasoning.

According to the Corvette Action Center owners who have placed an order for a 2022 Corvette with rear park assist will receive a $50 credit on the MSRP. Given the usefulness of rear park assist on a car with limited rear visibility like the Corvette, that may seem like a trivial amount. Well, GM says it will retrofit the 2022 Corvettes with rear park assist in the fourth quarter of this year.

The website also reports that the 2022 model year will only last a couple more months into 2022. GM will end production of the 2022 Corvette on May 6th and start producing 2023 models on May 9th. This means orders for the 2022 model will be cut off on March 23rd.