Chevrolet is growing its lineup of affordable EV’s with a pair of new Bolts. The bowtie brand has revealed the redesigned 2022 Bolt EV alongside the all-new Bolt EUV. While the base electric powertrain for this duo is carryover from today’s Bolt, there’s a whole host of new stuff here, including a lower price tag.

Both Bolts offer a similar design theme, starting with a new face. Chevy has opted for very slim headlights that have LED accents similar to the Corvette. While a traditional grille design has effectively been ditched in favor of a larger fake lower air intake. The look is far more aggressive than today’s Bolt, but not unfamiliar from some of Chevy’s other recent designs.

Despite the family appearance between the two, the Bolt EUV actually shares no sheetmetal with the Bolt EV. The uniqueness largely stems from the fact the EUV is six-inches longer than the Bolt EV. It’s mission is to appeal to a broader audience with a more traditional SUV shape. The greenhouse is taller and the front fascia is more upright, significantly toning down on the Bolt EV’s EV nerd look.

Tech-Focused Interior

Where the two Bolts are nearly fully aligned is the interior. Chevrolet has swapped out the Bolt EV’s interior with a new design that centers on a 10.2-inch touchscreen display in the center of the dash. Buyers can also opt for an eight-inch gauge cluster display to keep tabs on the electric powertrain and energy flow. Keeping with industry trends, Chevy has also slotted in a push-button gear selector in both models.

Bolt EUV buyers will also have the option to add General Motors’ Super Cruise to Premier models. This is the first time Super Cruise has been offered on a Chevrolet product.

The new interior includes a flat-bottom steering wheel that incorporates the Regen on Demand paddle and a black Chevy emblem. Additionally, the redesigned seats feature a triangular geometric pattern and contrasting color stitching.

When it comes to spaciousness, the all-new Bolt EUV expands on the Bolt EV’s already roomy cabin, with 3 inches of additional rear legroom. Heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear outboard seats are available, along with a panoramic power sunroof for Bolt EUV.

Carryover Powertrain

Chevrolet is referring to the Bolts’ powertrain as a “proven” option. This is a nice way of saying it is carryover from today’s Bolt EV. Word smithing aside, the battery-electric architecture in the Bolt EV is a solid foundation. Both variants start with a 65-kWh battery pack and a single drive motor that generates 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque. This combination is expected to offer 259 miles of range in the 2022 Bolt EV (same as today), and 250 miles in the larger Bolt EUV.

Both Bolts will offer a new Dual Level Charge Cord. It has a changeable plug that allows the customer to plug into a standard 120-volt three-prong outlet for Level 1 charging and a 240-volt outlet for Level 2 charging up to 7.2 kilowatts. The new Dual Level Charge Cord is standard with Bolt EUV and is available for Bolt EV. For maximum Level 2 charging speed, both vehicles are now capable of 11 kW Level 2 charging, but separate charging equipment (not included) is required.

Additionally, standard DC fast public charging capability enables the Bolt EV to add up to 100 miles of range in 30 minutes and 95 miles for Bolt EUV.

Lower Price Tag

Generally when an automaker redesigns a product the price goes up, but not in this case. Both the 2022 Bolt EV and Bolt EUV will be cheaper than the 2021 Bolt EV. Chevy says the 2022 Bolt EV will start at $31,995, while the Bolt EUV will start at $33,995. The price drop on the Bolt EV is around $5,000. Both Bolts will hit the road later this year.

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