Basically every week a new special edition pickup is launched by one of the automakers. Today it’s Chevrolet with the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Shoreline. The Shoreline is a familiar special edition truck formula in the sense it is targeted towards customers of a specific region, which in this case in California.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, California serves as the largest market for midsize pickups. So the fact that Chevrolet is giving the golden state some special edition love is not much of a surprise either. In this case Chevrolet has kept the formula simple by using options and piece-parts available on various Colorado trim levels and mixing them together for a new package.

Customers opting for the Shoreline will gain body-colored trim (versus chrome) as well as unique 18-inch wheels on the extended cab version of the Colorado. The Shoreline also adds popular Colorado options, such as a spray-in bedliner, all-weather floor mats (great for the beach) and a year of XM radio.

Assuming the price-point for the Colorado Shoreline isn’t out of line, this will likely be a great option package for customers to select from just for the packaging itself.