General Motors is rapidly adopting battery electric vehicles, with the Cadillac brand leading the way. While Cadillac’s first EV, the Lyriq, will launch next year, a new report suggests another will be revealed. More specifically, the brand’s upcoming flagship model is expected to bow.

Cadillac has already been fairly transparent about this flagship model. Known as the Celestiq, Cadillac revealed some details about the sedan during the CES Show last January. Some of the details include the fact this sedan will be an ultra-luxury model with a significant amount of technology. One feature already detailed is a sunroof that will allow individual passengers to turn up or down the opaqueness of the glass to fit their preference. This battery electric beast is expected to crest $200,000 and will largely be hand-built in very low volumes.

GM Authority reports the Celestiq reveal could take place at the CES Show in January 2022. That seems plausible given the volume of EV news the company revealed during the last CES. That said, the Chevrolet Silverado EV is already confirmed to be revealed at CES, so it does seem a bit questionable as to whether Cadillac would want to share the spotlight with Chevrolet’s big EV reveal.

Unlike most of GM’s upcoming EV models, the Celestiq was actually in development prior to GM’s pivot to electrification. The sedan was originally slated to receive an internal combustion engine and serve as an example of the brand’s luxury capabilities. With Cadillac’s quick pivot to EV’s, GM ultimately decided the brand’s flagship needed to be an EV instead.