Now that we live in a society in which coffee pots are connected to the Internet and cars are parking themselves without drivers, it’s really no surprise that automotive brands have to overhaul their infotainment systems constantly. In Cadillac’s case, the overhaul has been a bit perpetual since their CUE system launched several years ago, however it appears that the infamous infotainment system is getting its biggest reworking yet for 2016.

In General Motors online order guide—a traditional conduit of product information leaks—nearly every 2016 Cadillac vehicle lists specific changes to the CUE system and they sound pretty substantial. Specifically, the ATS, CTS, Escalade and XTS all list the following under “new features:”

Cadillac CUE upgrades include improved system speed and performance, faster, more accurate map loading and voice command execution, faster service reprogramming, redesigned navigation interfaces, single press mute navigation voice/cancel route, expanded cities with 3D maps, route information and next maneuver and BT Media browsing.

Additionally Cadillac vehicles with the reconfigurable gauge cluster LCD screen are also seeing enhancements. The CTS has been upgraded to a high definition 12.3” display, while both it and Escalade are getting revamped themes.  It also sounds like Escalade is gaining some chrome accents on its screen as well.

While it sounds like most of the software changes are to the navigation system, the line about improved performance and system speed is a familiar one. CUE has received multiple software updates since launch, including a revision as recently as late 2014 that updated 2012 and 2013 Cadillac’s with CUE. The updates, historically, have required the owner to take their vehicle to the dealership because downloads are often in excess of one-gigabyte and must be downloaded through the car’s USB port.

Each update has improved CUE’s performance; to the point the most recent versions are fairly adequate versus other similarly intense infotainment systems on the market today.

The 2016 model year update appears to be less about fixing issues and more about changing the feel of the system. We look forward to sampling the enhancements later this year when the 2016 Cadillac’s begin rolling off the line.