Cadillac seems keen on trying just about anything to elevate its brand image, including starting a coffee shop. Yep, that’s right, Cadillac is opening the Cadillac House coffee shop at its New York City headquarters. The new venue will be open to the public and feature an atmosphere that includes legacy Cadillac’s to serve as inspiration to patrons.

Fortunately this isn’t an obvious attempt at Cadillac to sell cars to hipsters. Instead the space will also serve as an art gallery and retail location. Fashion magazine Visionaire will be curating the art exhibit, while design labels will have pop-up stores to sell designer duds. The coffee, if it really matters, is being provided by NYC based Joe’s Coffee.

Apparently Cadillac House is already open at 330 Hudson Street in Tribeca. The brand’s corporate offices reside above the retail space and have since the brand relocated from Detroit.