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Cadillac Super Cruise Doesn't Like Sunlight

Cadillac Super Cruise Doesn't Like Sunlight

Cadillac has made a splash in the industry with its semi-autonomous Super Cruise system. Super Cruise stands out on the market for the simple fact it can operate hands-free, but it turns out the very reason it can be operated hands-free has a bit of a problem with the sun.

Unlike other, similar systems, Cadillac has mounted a small camera on the steering column of Super Cruise vehicles. This camera has the task of watching the driver, specifically tracking eye-movement to ensure the driver is actually paying attention to the road ahead when Super Cruise is engaged.

Well, you know the feeling when the sun is shining directly in your eyes? Yeah, that camera feels the same way when it shines directly on it too. Engineers report to Automotive News the system has a limitation when it comes to this; the system will refuse to engage when the camera visibility is limited by the sun.

General Motors is aware of this limitation and the company says it is currently working on its next-generation Super Cruise system that will include both hardware and software upgrades. The sun issue is expected to be addressed with the update as well.

GM has been very conservative with its Super Cruise rollout, offering it only on the 2018 and 2019 Cadillac CT6 sedan. Cadillac has already confirmed plans to start offering Super Cruise on more models in 2020, so apparently the next-generation Super Cruise is going to proliferate the lineup quicker than today’s iteration.


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  1. Tone
    A refusal to engage when it can't see a person's eyes is actually a good thing -- it means the system 'knows' its limitations. A concern would be if the system engages, then doesn't operate correctly (think 737 anti-stall system).
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