Cadillac says it’s ready to try the vehicle subscription service once again. General Motors’ luxury brand offered a subscription service back in 2017 called Book By Cadillac, but shuttered the service after failing to effectively integrate dealerships into the program.

Speaking at the recent J.D. Power/NADA AutoConference L.A., General Motors chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl said a few Cadillac dealerships will begin piloting the revived program in February, reports Automotive News.

Details of the program remain unknown, but Wahl said it will offer greater “convenience, flexibility, and value for potential subscribers.”

“We do still see a lot of interest from consumers in finding different ownership models, but the right price, value, how we do that, how we bundle those services is what we’re working on,” Wahl commented.

The original Book program allowed customers to pay Cadillac $1,800 per month to have access to nearly the entire lineup of Cadillac vehicles. The monthly fee covered registration, taxes and insurance as well. Additional fee was optional to gain access to the company’s V-Series vehicles.

Other brands are also piloting subscription services, including Volvo and Porsche. Thus far Volvo is the only brand to offer a subscription service nationally in the U.S., the rest are pilots in select cities.