The Cadillac brand has already made it clear it has robust electrification plans. While they have discussed a few future models, including the Cadillac Lyriq SUV, mum has been the word with regards to the big Escalade. However, a new report suggests a battery-electric Cadillac Escalade is coming.

The Detroit News reports a Cadillac Escalade EV is on the roadmap. Citing analysts AutoForecast Solutions, the report says the Escalade EV is expected to start production in January 2024. Production is expected to take place at GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit. The same plant will produce the upcoming Hummer EV models and an electrified Chevrolet Silverado.

Details surrounding the Escalade EV are still largely unknown. One can plausibly assume it will leverage GM’s Ultium battery system on their BEV3 architecture. We can expect it to share many of its underlying components with the Hummer EV models, meaning a total range between 300-400 miles is likely.

Despite the addition of a battery-electric model, the internal combustion version of the Escalade isn’t expected to go anywhere. Given it’s continued popularity and the contributions to GM’s bottom-line it provides, there’s zero chance GM is ditching it anytime soon.

It will be interesting to see how Cadillac handles branding the Escalade EV. All future Cadillac EV’s are following a naming scheme of having a name that ends with “iq.” Will Cadillac buck the trend with the Escalade EV or will they give it a new, EV-specific name? GM has trademarked the name “Cadillac Symobliq” which could be suitable for an Escalade EV.