Since Cadillac’s original renaissance back in the early 2000’s the brand has been hung up on alphanumeric names. It’s gotten even more complicated in recent years as the brand introduced numbers into the mix; ironic given the rich naming legacy the Cadillac brand has at its disposal. Apparently Cadillac has picked up on the irony, because it says its switching back to names.

News of the switch comes from a Car And Driver report that says the first Caddy to pack a real name will be the brand’s upcoming battery-electric crossover. This crossover–slated to arrive in 2022–will be based on GM’s new BEV3 architecture.

A Cadillac spokesperson has confirmed the move back to names, saying that the move will happen over time as Cadillac introduces all-new models or does a complete redesign of an existing one. If that strategy sounds familiar, it’s because the Lincoln brand has deployed the same approach as it pivots back to real names. The names selected for use could be some from Cadillac’s past or all-new names.

Cadillac does caution that numbers may still be utilized in some fashion to distinguish between various powertrains.

It appears Cadillac’s new naming strategy will coincide with its pivot to electrification, which is supposedly Cadillac’s last chance at revival.