If you’re like us, your head is still spinning from all of the GM announcements out of CES this year. Nonetheless, there is one more nugget coming out today. This one is surrounding GM’s upcoming “Ultra Cruise” technology and the fact it will make its big debut on an upcoming big Cadillac.

During GM CEO Mary Barra’s keynote address today she confirmed Ultra Cruise will first debut on the Cadillac Celestiq. Barra also confirmed the system will be exclusive to Cadillac at first, a tactic the automaker often deploys with new technology features. Ultra Cruise will build on the capabilities of the company’s Super Cruise system by allowing for handsfree driving on around 95-percent of all paved roads. Whereas Super Cruise is limited to around 200,000 miles of highway, Ultra Cruise will take you deeper into city streets, sub-divisions and even paved rural roads.

The fact GM is leveraging the Celestiq for this cutting-edge system comes as no surprise. The Celestiq is slated to be Cadillac’s flagship EV sedan with a ton of new technologies. GM has already confirmed the Celestiq will feature a pillar-to-pillar dash display and an electrochromic glass roof with four quadrants. Like the Hummer EV and Silverado EV, the Celestiq will also feature four-wheel steering.

All of these fancy gadgets will add up. The Celestiq is expected to cost well into the six-figures once it goes on sale in 2023. The Celestiq is expected to be partially hand-built in fairly low volumes.