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Cadillac Begins Rollout of SuperCruise Semi-Autonomous Driving Feature

Cadillac Begins Rollout of SuperCruise Semi-Autonomous Driving Feature

Cadillac has officially started marketing the brand’s new SuperCruise semi-autonomous driving feature. Buyers of higher-end trim CT6 sedans will be able to get the feature later this year as the brand rolls out the new feature. That said, Cadillac has altered the original plan to launch SuperCruise.

From the first announcement, Cadillac has stated that SuperCruise will initially only be offered on higher-end versions of the CT6 sedan; that part remains unchanged. What has changed is apparently the pricing and packaging of the semi-autonomous driving feature when it comes to adding it to the CT6. Original plans of offering SuperCruise standard on the highest-end CT6 Platinum model and as a $2,500 option on the Premium Luxury trim level are no longer final.

According to Automotive News Cadillac has pulled back on that plan, with a spokesman telling the publication that pricing and packaging details will be announced closer to the rollout of SuperCruise. Cadillac will roll out its new tech later this year on an interim model year the brand calls “2018i.”

Although the exact timing of when SuperCruise will arrive at Cadillac showrooms is still unknown, Cadillac has started advertising the feature. During Sunday’s 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Cadillac offered three different ad spots, with one focusing exclusively on SuperCruise.

Cadillac plans to position SuperCruise as the industry leader in terms of semi-autonomous driving functionality. SuperCruise is similar to other systems already on the market in the sense it can take over control of steering, throttle and braking under specific conditions. Where SuperCruise begins to separate itself from other systems, such as Tesla’s Autopilot, is in the fact that drivers can remove their hands from the steering wheel while the system is engaged.

Owners can drive hands-free with SuperCruise because the system leverages a special camera mounted on the steering column to monitor the driver’s face. By monitoring the driver’s face, SuperCruise can track eye movement to determine if the driver is actually paying attention to the road ahead. Other systems currently rely on steering wheel pressure sensors to determine if the driver’s hands are on the wheel.

If SuperCruise determines the driver is not paying adequate attention to the road, the system will provide the driver a warning. After three warnings the system will disengage and bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Failure of the driver to acknowledge the situation will ultimately lead to the car calling an OnStar adviser for assistance.

Naturally, Cadillac is emphasizing SuperCruise’s hands-free ability in its advertising of the system. The first ad from the VMA’s may be viewed below.


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  1. donmateo
    I think the better news it is looks like they're ditching the black steering wheel center for a matching tan on the tan interior.
    I give Cadillac props for making a system that is clearly superior to Tesla Autopilot.

    That said, it should be superior. It's been delayed multiple times and the rollout is a bit of a cluster.
    I prefer driving myself. I don't like all these nannies that buzz and push the steering wheel if you get to close to the line. More of an annoyance than anything, IMO. I'm a millennial, BTW.
    This looks like a very impressive technology!
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