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Cadillac Already Advertising SuperCruise

Cadillac Already Advertising SuperCruise

Cadillac is already advertising the brand’s semi-autonomous SuperCruise feature. In a recent commercial spot that debuted during the Oscars, Cadillac shows a CT6 sedan being driven hands-free with the caption that “SuperCruise” will be offered in late 2017 on the CT6.

For those who aren’t up to speed, SuperCruise is Cadillac’s answer to Tesla’s AutoPilot. SuperCruise will be able to drive your Cadillac for you in various conditions, not unlike other automaker systems. However, the Cadillac system will have some key differences versus competitors, which are visible in the commercial spot.

SuperCruise will utilize facial recognition technology to verify that the driver is actually paying attention. Other systems rely on sensors that are easily cheated, such as sensors that detect if the driver’s hands are on the steering wheel periodically.

In the commercial spot you can see that the steering wheel appears to be entirely different than the typical CT6. It’s different in the sense that it has a black piece on the top with a glowing green line. It’s a safe assumption that is the indicator that SuperCruise is active and black area likely houses the facial recognition system since it is close to the driver’s face.

Cadillac was originally going to launch SuperCruise on the CT6 last year, but delayed its rollout to finalize development. Although GM never stated it, the delay was likely at least partially contributed to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot system.

Further details of the system are not yet known, especially its cost. Nonetheless, Cadillac seems firm that it will roll out towards the end of 2017 on the CT6.


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    I like the idea of what Cadillac is doing as far as its focus on making sure the driver is actually aware of what is going on and not merely along for the ride so to speak.
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