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Here's Buick's New Small MPV For China

Here's Buick's New Small MPV For China

Buick is a hugely important brand for General Motors in China. As such, it is always getting products that stateside Buick never receives. The latest example of this lopsided lineup is the upcoming Buick GL6, which is a small MPV for the Chinese market.

If this particular vehicle looks familiar, that’s because it is. The GL6 is essentially an Opel Zafira with Buick guise. The Zafira (or rather, GL6) is a compact MPV with sliding doors and minivan like seating. Basically, the GL6 is intended to be a smaller version of Buick’s GL8 minivan, another China-exclusive product.

Reports suggest the GL6 will be powered by a 1.3-liter gas four-cylinder engine with 156 horsepower. No other powertrain details are known at this time.

Clearly the GL6 is an example of GM perpetuating the product tie-up between Buick and Opel that has occurred in recent years. While GM did sell off Opel to PSA Group, this product is not impacted by the deal as it will be manufactured in China by Shanghai GM. Some of Buick’s other products, such as the 2018 Regal, will be manufactured by PSA (former Opel) for GM’s procurement.

The all-new Buick GL6 is slated to be revealed in August at the Chengdu Auto Show. It will go on sale in China in November.


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  1. Andrew_L
    its a low resolution picture but it looks like a top heavy design. The front end looks so low compared to the rest.
    Chinese media are saying its based off the newer Zafira Tourer, but I actually think its based off the older Zafira.
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