Buick China has teased an upcoming new version of the Buick Envision crossover. The premium brand will debut what it calls the Envision Plus at next week’s Auto Shanghai, which is a bigger variant of the Envision that could find its way stateside.

The Envision Plus will sport a wheelbase of about 112-inches, which is roughly four inches more than the Envision on the market in both China and the U.S. today. The growth will allow Buick to slot in a third row seat and offer what it calls “class-leading” space. It is worth noting that stretch versions of vehicles is a fairly common practice in the Chinese market.

Perhaps the more interesting tidbit in the press release is that the Envision Plus will have “an all-new propulsion system.” This strongly suggests the Envision Plus is going to debut a new powertrain. In both China and the U.S. the Envision is offered with GM’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 227 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque. We fully expect the 2.0-liter to find its way under the hood of the Envision Plus as well.

GM is not providing any indication as to whether or not the Envision Plus will arrive stateside. Given the regular Envision is imported to North America from China, it definitely seems in the realm of possibility that the Envision Plus could be as well. The biggest question is whether or not the extended wheelbase version can be federalized in the U.S.

Expect more details on the Buick Envision Plus after its debut on April 18th.