Well, this is confusing. In September, if you remember, SAIC-GM registered a Buick Velite with the Chinese government showing off all angles of the car. That was merely a rebadge of the Chevy Volt. However, this does not seem to be the end of the story.

Today, Buick released a teaser for the Velite Concept…and it looks nothing like the Chevy Volt. The only thing the two have in common is likely the powertrain. The concept teaser clearly shows a stylish hatchback that would be fit enough for US roads as well, although we are not holding our breath.

So this leaves the question? Which will be the true Velite? Could it be a nameplate with both the sedan (the Chevy Volt rebadge) and this hatchback?

That might be the logical answer for the Verano sedan in China is a totally different vehicle from the Opel Astra-rebadged Verano hatch.

Of course, this concept could be just that. Maybe they are just showing the concept to tease the rebadge, which would be a sad joke and would be just like GM.

Hopefully some answers will come when the concept is shown soon at the Guangzhou Auto Show.