American’s are losing their love for passenger cars, which is causing several automakers to kill off slow-selling car models. General Motors has already axed several sedans, but it isn’t finished. The next GM car to get axed will be the Buick Regal.

Motor Authority has confirmed with Buick officials that the Regal will not return to the North American market in 2021. Buick cites the fact that 90 percent of its sales in 2019 have been of crossovers as the main reason, but notes that the Regal will remain on the Chinese market where sedan demand remains strong.

So far in 2019, Buick has only sold about 6,000 copies of the Regal.

The Regal’s death marks the third Buick car to be killed off in the last year. Production of the LaCrosse sedan earlier this year, as did production of the Cascada convertible. Prior to 2019 the Verano small sedan was removed from their portfolio. The Regal’s death officially leaves Buick with no sedan models.

Buick has been procuring the Regal from the Opel brand in Europe after selling off Opel to PSA Group in 2018. Opel’s version of the Regal, known as the Opel Insignia, is getting updated for 2020, but those updates are likely only headed for the Chinese market Regal.