After the the Suzuki Forenza-based Buick Excelle ended production last year after an all-new (and cheaper) Excelle GT debuted, most thought the “Excelle” would not return. Well Buick had different plans.

During a press event today in China, Buick presented the second generation Excelle. Though it is not clear what platform the all-new Excelle rides on, it could be the Chevy Sail’s, the old Forenza’s, or the old Cruze’s.

Chinese companies routinely keep old platforms around and put new top hats on them for new vehicles. See the Chevy Cavalier, which is on the old Chevy Cruze’s platform.

The design of the Excelle follows Buick’s newer design theme, albeit in a clear cheaper path.

Two engines will be offered. These include 1.0L and 1.3L turbos.

Buick also formally debuted the all-new GL6, the Excelle XT (a wagon version of the Excelle GT), and a facelifted Verano and Verano GS (a rebadge of the Opel Astra 5-door hatch).

For those wondering, Buick in China now offers a range of 13 models!

1. Excelle

2. Excelle GT and XT

3. Verano

4. Verano GS

5. Velite 5 (a rebadge of the Chevy Volt)

6. Regal

7. LaCrosse

8. GL6

9. GL8 (second generation)

10. GL8 (third generation)

11. Encore

12. Envision

13. Enclave