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Buick Crossover Coupe Approved for Production

Buick Crossover Coupe Approved for Production

The Buick brand has been a quiet one lately, but the silence is apparently nearing an end. A new report suggests the brand has approved a new coupe-like crossover for production, a vehicle that will be an addition to the lineup; not a replacement.

Recently the folks over at Car Design News got an inside look at Buick’s design studio. The look included viewing a few things that have not been approved for public consumption. One such viewing was of a coupe-like crossover that brand officially reportedly said has been approved for production.

Aside from a thin description from the folks in attendance of the event, little has been mentioned about the new crossover. Buick officials stated the vehicle will be a net addition to the lineup, not a replacement vehicle for anything currently in the portfolio.

From a broader perspective, Buick brought journalists under the tent to preview their next-generation design philosophy. Now that the brand is free from Opel–which is shared its design theme with–designers are leveraging the freedom to reinvent Buick design.

There’s no word yet on when we will see this new crossover. Given Buick is already losing the LaCrosse this year, our guess is that we will see it sooner rather than later.



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  1. adk024
    I always liked that Buick had the European design language. It was a good way to differentiate the brand and gave Buick the ability to steal customers from the Euro brands. Too bad typical GM couldn't find a way to leverage that advantage.

    I can't wait to see the new vision for Buick however it may be.
    Approved is good, now how long will the wait be?
    I read that Car Design News piece. Looking forward to seeing it.
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