Continuing our series on the best selling products per segment, we move to the best selling subcompact utility vehicle of 2015. Once again, this is taken by a MPV: The Wuling Hongguang/Hongguang S1.

The subcompact MPV sold 655,531 units during the year.

The Hongguang and Hongguang S1 are actually two different vehicles that are combined together after the S1 launched during 2015. To make matters even more confusing there is also the Hongguang S, which is a “sportier” version of the Hongguang. Then there is the Hongguang V, which a light commercial utility van. Clear as mud?

All Wulings are sold and built by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture. This is one of three JV’s General Motors operates in China. The Hongguang is also sold as the Chevy Enjoy in India.

Even if the S1 is taken out, the Hongguang would have likely kept the title as the best selling utility vehicle. The second best selling vehicle in the segment was the Honda Fit/Jazz/Shuttle, which sold 503,513 units. The Shuttle nameplate is exclusively used on the long-wheel-base version sold in Japan.

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