Just like 2015’s best selling subcompact utility, the best selling subcompact truck of 2015 was also a Wuling. The Wuling Rongguang/Minitruck/Rongguang S sold 436,060 units during the year.

The Rongguang is sold by the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture in China and is also rebadged as the Chevy N300 in various export markets. Just like the Hongguang nameplate however, there is some confusion with the sales. Sales are combined with the Rongguang S, which is a different model. The Rongguang was launched in late 2014, but both the models were kept. The Wuling Minitruck is based off the Rongguang and there is no truck version of the “S.”

The second best selling subcompact truck/utility van also came from China with the Changan Star selling 238,226 units during 2015.

Thanks to Matt from BestSellingCarsBlog.com for adding markets to the tabulations.