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Thread: Second Subaru Ascent Teaser Showcases Large SUV Stature

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    Second Subaru Ascent Teaser Showcases Large SUV Stature

    Source: AutoVerdict
    November 21, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Subaru has dropped a second teaser of its upcoming 2019 Ascent SUV. The latest look creatively showcases the SUV's large stature and, of course, three rows of seats.*

    The Ascent is slated to be Subaru's largest SUV to date, serving as an indirect replacement to the previous B9 Tribeca. The Ascent will prove slightly larger than the old Tribeca, offering comfortable seating in three rows of seats.*

    Subaru already offered us one teaser shot of the production Ascent. The Ascent as a whole is based on the Viziv-7 Concept, which was showcased at the New York Auto Show. While the bulging fender flares and beefy stature of the concept are not likely to make their way to the production Ascent, the overall design theme is expected to be similar.*

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    is it just me or does that 3rd row look to be really tight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_L View Post
    is it just me or does that 3rd row look to be really tight
    Depends on who you're throwing back there.

    Those crappy automotive review rags (Car&Driver,Motor Trend,Automobile...etc) have brainwashed the masses that read them into believing that everyone in your family is 6'5" and 450lbs. If your kids are 6'5" and 450lbs you have bigger problems than a tight 3rd row.

    IMHO the 3rd row is for kids and not bloated American adults,but of course the rags will make you feel otherwise. I think in the last 5 years that I've had a vehicle with "tight 3rd row seating" I've had an adult in that row once and she is 5'2" and was fine.

    If anyone needs more space back there,then maybe they should consider buying a real full-size SUV instead of one of those mid-size ones that auto manufacturers claim have the "interior" space of a ful-lsize one;and if that's the case I guess they (auto manufacturers) have somehow figured out how to build the Tardis.
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