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Thread: Buick Expanding Avenir Lineup With 2018 LaCrosse

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    Buick Expanding Avenir Lineup With 2018 LaCrosse

    Source: AutoVerdict
    October 21, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Buick is apparently already expanding its Avenir sub-brand by bringing the top-tier trim to the LaCrosse sedan. The flashy trim level recently launched first on the Enclave crossover and a promise that more Buick models would gain the added goodies.*

    According to GM's own 2018 VIN decoder document, the LaCrosse will be offered in Avenir trim during the 2018 model year. Given the sedan is one of Buick's higher-end products (along with Enclave), it comes as little surprise that it is next on the docket to get an Avenir model.*

    Assuming the Avenir formula remains fairly static between Enclave and LaCrosse, we can expect a new three-dimensional grille treatment and higher-end finishes outside. Inside, expect premium leather surfaces, real wood trim and other luxuries not found on your everyday LaCrosse.*

    As of right now, the 2018 LaCrosse tops out at around $51,000 for the LaCross Premium trim. It's a safe bet the LaCrosse Avenir will push the price tag up a little higher.*

    Buick first announced the Avenir sub-brand with the 2018 Buick Enclave. At the time of the announcement brand executives confirmed plans to rollout more Avenir models within the next two years. Thus far the brand has not disclosed which models within the Buick portfolio will gain access to the new sub-brand.*

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    Woo Hoo. I want a real Buick Avenir, not just an Avenir level trim package..

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    where is Enclave-Avenir on-sale?
    is this whole Avenir-thingie mainly for China?... what isN'T?
    I had the impression Buick had trouble selling LAXs due to price...?
    ...this can't help?

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    I don't really get the point when the vehicle won't survive in the US much longer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by arutherford View Post
    I don't really get the point when the vehicle won't survive in the US much longer...
    Anything they can to try to boost sales?

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