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Thread: Ford Forms 'Team Edison' To Accelerate Electrification

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    Ford Forms 'Team Edison' To Accelerate Electrification

    Source: AutoVerdict
    October 3, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Ford Motor Company is looking at the current state of the automotive industry and thinking it is time to expedite electrification plans. The company has confirmed the formation of a new team internally dedicated to accelerating the company's electrification plans, dubbed 'Team Edison.'

    In an interview with Reuters*Sherif Marakby, vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification, says Team Edison has a mandate to "think big" and "make quicker decisions" when it comes to electrification. Aside from the group's broad mandate within the company, little is known regarding what Ford has in mind.*

    Team Edison will be based in Detroit, but will work with Ford's regional teams in China and Europe as well. The team will report to*Ted Cannis, who is now the company's global director of electrification.*

    Marakbly has also confirmed the formation of this team does not impact the company's previously-announced $4.5 billion investment into electrification. This investment is expected to generate 13 new electrified Ford products, though not all of those 13 will be pure electric models.*

    In recent months Ford's new CEO Jim Hackett has been reviewing Ford's product plans to look for areas of improvement. The formation of Team Edison is likely the outcome of this review, although Ford has not confirmed that to be the case.*

    Ford's confirmation of this team came on the same day that cross-town rival General Motors announced plans to produce 20 electric vehicles to market by 2023. It's also coming as many countries are announcing eventual bans on combustion engines in the decades to come.*

    All external indicators suggest demand for electric vehicles will continue to accelerate. These indicators are leading Ford to feel a need to accelerate their own electrification strategy with the formation of a dedicated team.*

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    Edison vs Tesla wars all over again

    Though Edison and Ford were good friends too so there's some history there.

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    I'm a little surprised Ford let this go public. It is a strong indicator the company feels they are not adequately prepared.

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