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Thread: Ford Super Duty Limited Ups Luxury Truck Ante

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    Ford Super Duty Limited Ups Luxury Truck Ante

    Source: AutoVerdict
    September 28, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    American's love their luxury trucks, a fact Ford knows very well. As such, the company is upping its luxury truck game even more with the announcement of a new F-Series Super Duty Limited model. The mega-luxury truck will arrive with touches previously not found in the pickup segment and carry a base price similar to that of a large luxury sedan.*

    Ford announced the new Limited model at the Texas State Fair today, an annual showing of new pickup trucks from the Big Three automakers. The Super Duty Limited is joining the F-150 Limited model as the flagship pickup trucks from Ford. Ford says over 50 percent of Super Duty buyers are opting for its high-end trim levels, which says to the company that there's still room to grow at the top-end with a Limited model.*

    On the outside the Super Duty Limited features a new satin grille treatment to distinguish it from the lesser trims, while a satin finished tailgate and quad-beam LED lights also serve as Limited's calling cards. These are similar finishes to those found on the F-150 Limited.*

    Inside is where the Super Duty Limited really departs from the rest of the lineup. Ford has installed custom camelback leather seating in this truck. The leather trend continues with a leather-wrapped dash and armrest, while a new suede headliner mirrors that found in high-end sedans. Open-pore,*hand-finished dark ash wood trim and special badging also remind the Limited buyer they opted for the best.*

    Of course, the Limited comes standard with nearly everything Ford has to offer these days in terms of features. The list includes a high-definition 360-degree camera, adaptive cruise control, adaptive steering and much more.*

    All of this luxury and feature content comes at a price. Ford says the F-250 Super Duty Limited will carry a starting price of $80,835, while the top-end F-450 Super Duty Limited will come in at $87,100. At those prices, we can successfully say pickup trucks have reached the price level of many high-end luxury vehicles; perhaps rightfully so.*

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    The styling of the SD really has grown on me a lot. At first when it debuted I thought it was weird looking with the C shaped LEDs but after seeing a bunch in person now they really are handsome trucks. Ford loves to do their premium trim on these too it's all money in the bank and people but it up.

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    Called for this years ago. Now add an extended cab on the double cab to have 8 seater options.

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