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Thread: Buick GL6 Minivan Confirmed For China

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    Buick GL6 Minivan Confirmed For China

    Source: AutoVerdict
    September 5, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Buick China has confirmed plans to rollout a small MPV named GL6. The news comes as little surprise as the Buick GL6 was fully uncovered back in July thanks to Chinese government agencies.

    Along with the confirmation, Buick also issued a teaser shot of the GL6, which effectively confirms the leaked image was of the real-deal. This means the GL6 is basically a rebadged Opel Zafira, a small MPV sold in Europe under the guise of GM's former Opel brand.

    In this case, the GL6 is expected (as the name implies) to be a smaller option to the Buick GL8, a full-size minivan the company offers on the Chinese market. Buick has confirmed the GL6 will offer 2+2+2 seating.

    Thus far further details on the GL6 are still rather scarce. There have been reports that it will be powered by a 1.3-liter gas engine with about 156 horsepower.

    The GL6 likely serves as one of the final new products to be shared between Buick and Opel. General Motors sold its European division earlier this year to Peugeot PSA, but the company did secure the necessary contracts to continue utilizing Opel products for Buick for this generation of vehicles. Obviously their procurement contract includes this GL6.

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    When the Rear of the vehicle is the most exciting part...

    Thanks Opel for more of your hot German garbage.

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    So, I drive a first-gen Mazda5, which is the same class as this Opel/Buick: small MPVs based off of compact car platforms that are versatile carriers of people and stuff in various permutations while driving more like a good compact sedan rather than a CUV or minivan. Too bad North Americans never really took to these vehicles. I really like mine (with the manual). It's basically a taller, slightly slower Mazda3 that can can carpool more effectively (the rear two seats are kid-sized, but that's who I mainly need to transport) and carry bulky stuff like bikes or dump runs.

    Looking at the Opel: with the right driving dynamics and powertrain, I'd consider that. But, even Mazda has moved on in NA; I can't imagine GM bringing this here. A performance version with about 250-300 hp and AWD would be a 'take my money' situation!

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