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Thread: Sources: Italdesign and Airbus to Introduce Car That Can be Airlifted at Geneva Motor Show

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    Sources: Italdesign and Airbus to Introduce Car That Can be Airlifted at Geneva Motor Show

    Source: Automotive News
    March 3, 2017
    by Luca Ciferri

    Sources with knowledge of the plans say that Italdesign and Airbus will unveil a car at the Geneva Motor Show that includes a separate upper capsule that can be airlifted to avoid traffic congestion.

    The concept will reportedly consist of two stages, with an upper body used for passenger seating underpinned by a self-driving chassis. When traffic jams are encountered, the vehicle can be picked up by a large drone and flown to the desired destination.

    Italdesign first introduced a modular vehicle at the Turin Motor Show in 1982. Known as the Capsula, the concept was based on an Alfa Romeo chassis and featured interchangeable upper cabins that allowed the vehicle to be transformed into a minibus, passenger car or van.

    The new concept is said to provide an example of an innovative mobility solution that will demonstrate Italdesign's engineering and prototyping capabilities to non-traditional markets.

    Look for the concept to debut next week in Geneva.

    Read full article at Automotive News

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    Forget this pipe dream. Just design the huge drone to be able to take you where you want to go instead. lol

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    ^ carnut!
    didn't see your post 'til after making mine

    - - - - - - -

    At Last ... a flying car that doesn't need the Laws of Physics repealed&replaced!

    just one Q,
    why bother with the autonom.o.u.s.e wheeled part?
    just fly-me-drone from the start
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