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Thread: Mitsubishi Previews New Eclipse

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    Mitsubishi Previews New Eclipse

    Source: AutoVerdict
    February 14, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    As originally expected, Mitsubishi is bringing back the Eclipse name! But no, it isn't on a sleek sports coupe this time. Instead, the Eclipse Cross will be the brand's new sporty crossover. The new Eclipse Cross will be revealed in early March at the Geneva Motor Show.

    Despite releasing the teaser, Mitsubishi isn't saying much about the new Eclipse Cross. All we know is that it will slot between the Outlander Sport and Outlander from a size perspective. The other obvious attribute here is that it has a very coupe-like appearance, similar to the XR-PHEV Concepts Mitsubishi showed recently.

    Mitsubishi has also confirmed that the Eclipse Cross will feature some new painting technology, in red. Our fingers are crossed that paint isn't the only headline-worthy attribute on this vehicle.

    Expect full details on the new Eclipse Cross to be revealed on March 7th.

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    Why damn the vehicle by giving it a name it can't possibly live up to. I'm sure that somewhere in their marketing department there are graphs and charts showing that former Eclipse drivers are now parents with kids and need a CUV while still fondly remembering their faster and more furious days. But, if the new GTO and SS taught the market anything, it's that giving a new product a 'heritage' name sets up very specific expectations that can be tough to fulfill.

    They should have called this something else, did a rally version with a turbo motor, DSC and performance AWD and called that version the Evolution. That would at least make some sense and get Mitsubishi in on the growing performance CUV market.

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    Well its a lot better than ASX or RVR.

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    Disappointing to see that name go on something like this.

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    What genius thought of that?.He or she should be fired,housed razed and then kicked out of whatever country he or she calls home.

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