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Thread: Tired of Frozen Windshields? VW Says its Solution Offers a Silver Lining

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    Tired of Frozen Windshields? VW Says its Solution Offers a Silver Lining

    Source: AutoVerdict
    January 27, 2017
    by AutoVerdict

    Volkswagen has announced the availability of new windshield technology that incorporates a layer of silver within the glass to help reduce misting and ice build-up.

    While heated windows aren't particularly new to the automotive industry, the traditional approach of embedding filaments connected with metal wires within the glass can prove to be distracting to drivers.

    With its solution, Volkswagen uses a wire-free system in which electric current passes through a "wafer-thin" layer of silver within the laminated glass to generate heat and defrost the surface. Hidden filaments at the bottom of the windshield are also used to heat wiper blades to keep them from freezing to the glass. The entire system uses less than 500 watts of power.

    And if eliminating the need for ice scrapers and de-icing spray weren't enough, VW says that the thin silver layer also acts as a passive shield, reflecting up to 60 percent of summer heat to keep the cabin temperature up to 15 degrees cooler than glass tinting.

    The new heated reflective windshields are available as options for the Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Tiguan, Sharan, Passat and Passat Variant starting from 340 or about $363 U.S.

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    I can hardly believe those humorless Wolfsburg PR people actually used the term "wafer thin."

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutoVerdict
    ...The entire system uses less than 500 watts of power...
    don't think I'd brag about using that much juice.
    Sounds like it might not work for BEVs.

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    It's all cute and wonderful til you have to replace it.

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