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Thread: Maserati Alfieri Not Expected Until 2020

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    Maserati Alfieri Not Expected Until 2020

    Source: AutoCar
    October 19, 2016
    by Julian Rendell

    AutoCar reports that Maserati's Alfieri sports car will be delayed until 2020 at the earliest as the brand prioritizes replacing the Granturismo and Grancabrio 2+2 GT between 2018 and 2019.

    Giulio Pastore, Maserati's general manager in Europe, says that Granturismo and Grancabrio are critical to its lineup and that "we won't forget that Maserati is very well known in its history for beautiful 2+2 GT cars and we will replace them, then the Alfieri."

    According to Pastore, decisions still need to be made on the Alfieri's platform and styling, which could result in a commitment on design being left until 2018 with production to follow in 2020.

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    Eh, I'm not heartbroken. Maserati should be put on the back burner IMO. FCA needs to get the Chrysler divisions the new product that they definitely need. Sergio's Italian pet projects are just distractions.

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    I don't know the Euro/RotW market(s) enough to say
    imho for the U.S,
    all that Maserati *and* Alfa Romeo need are one vehicle each...
    ...maaaaybe in coupe & saloon (& even a Cuv if easily adapted)

    actually might think that's all they're capable of using/selling

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    In reality, it seems to me, the 'marketing differentials' between AR and Maser are a bit artificial. The UK is a pretty open and agnostic market and I think Fiat realised long ago that Lancia (though much loved with an esteemed history) was never going to take on a 'sister brand' dynamic like Skoda or Seat does to VW or Audi. That's why it's as dead as a dodo - unfortunately.
    This is FCA's problem. If Ferrari is to be kept separate then I'd amalgamate Maser with AR and put meaningful resources not just into engineering 'across the brands' but into the 'customer experience' at network level since whilst I'd contemplate spending M4 money on an Alfa I'd take one look at their UK dealer network and walk the other way. The German premium brands - in particular BMW - realised long ago that the 'customer experience' is just as crucial as the engineering.

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