There was a time earlier in the 2000’s when boxy crossovers were cool. Ford attempted to seize on the trend by launching the Ford Flex in 2009. Well, 10 years later the Flex is finally ending production after its funky attempt at creating a fad never really took off.

“Flex broke the mold. It had both crossover and minivan elements in a hip, trendy package that stood out from what was becoming a really boring minivan segment,” said Chris Kessler, Ford Flex marketing manager. “Its design traced its roots to the traditional family station wagons that many of our customers remember growing up with, but it brought forward modern sport/utility design elements and features both parents and kids loved.”

Ford says the Flex was successful primarily in urban markets, citing most of its 2019 sales have been in Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Since launch, the Flex has been produced at Ford’s Oakville, Ontario assembly plant alongside the Lincoln MKT, which ended production last month. Oakville also produces the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus.

While Ford has no plans for a direct replacement for the Flex, the 2020 Explorer is an indirect replacement. The Explorer, unfortunately for Flex fans, is not quite as funky as the Flex though.