Ford is nearing the launch of its new small pickup, the Maverick. While the launch appears to be going according to plan, engineering evaluations have led the company to make a change in packaging. This change is going to yield free all-wheel drive for certain Maverick buyers.

Originally Ford was offering a towing package on the front-wheel drive Maverick. This option has since been axed–after orders commenced–due to further engineering evaluation. Effectively, Ford has determined in testing that it is unwise to have the towing packaging combined with front-wheel drive.

News of this pivot is coming via the forums over at MaverickTruckClub. The folks over there report that Ford has issued a bulletin to its dealerships guiding them to revamp orders of front-wheel drive models with the towing package.

“Due to recent engineering and performance evaluations it has been determined to remove the FWD Gas (999/448) & 4K Towing Package (53Q) combination from the 22MY Maverick offering, across all series. As of mid-August this specific combination was removed from dealer ordering through WBDO and CONCEPS, so no new orders with this combination could be placed,” the bulletin reads.

Ford is instructing dealerships to edit these orders by adding all-wheel drive, which is a $2,200 option on the Maverick. However, in this case Ford is absorbing the cost of the all-wheel drive system since the pivot occurred after the order was placed. Of course, dealerships also have the option to just remove the two package and keep front-wheel drive or just cancel the order entirely.

Ford hasn’t said how many Maverick orders have been placed with this particular option combination.

The 2022 Ford Maverick will begin arriving in dealerships in the coming weeks. It starts just over $20,000 and comes standard with a 191 horsepower hybrid powertrain.