Ford Motor Company is halting production of its profitable F-150 truck over the weekend. The idling of its Rouge plant in Dearborn comes as the automotive industry continues to deal with a global semiconductor shortage.

Ford says the Rouge plant will be idled from Friday through Sunday. Production is slated to start back on Monday. The company isn’t saying how many units it is losing because of the planned downtime. Ford announced last week the company would simply build the F-150 and Edge crossover without certain parts and then retrofit them later.

While Ford is idling the Rouge plant, its Kansas City Assembly Plant will continue to produce F-150 variants. However, the Kansas City facility is idling production of the Transit van this week due to the semiconductor shortage. Ford, like most automakers, has tried to allocate scarce supplies to its most profitable models.

Ford previous stated it expects the global semiconductor shortage to have a $1 to $2.5 billion impact on its 2021 profit level. This F-150 shutdown is included in the forecast.