Citing unnamed sources, The Truth About Cars has heard the upcoming Ford Bronco will have removable roof panels. The news comes as rumors whirl about the revived off-road icon and everything is beginning to point to the Bronco becoming a proper competitor to the Jeep Wrangler.

The report does not specify the material or mechanism behind the roof, but it will allegedly be called the Air Roof. A similar feature is offered on the Jeep Renegade, which allows owners to manually remove lightweight panels and storm them in the cargo area for an open-air driving experience.

Since its confirmation earlier this week, bits and pieces of the new Bronco have unofficially leaked out, including this. At this time the bits and pieces are pointing to the new Bronco being based on the body-on-frame platform of the Ford Everest, the company’s midsize SUV for several global markets. That said, Ford is saying that it will not be a refreshed Everest; instead, the new Bronco will be a true off-roader.

If the Bronco does end up having a removable roof, it’s likely a safe bet Ford is taking this new Bronco seriously when it comes to meeting lofty expectations of enthusiasts.