Ford Motor Company clearly took its revival of the Ford Bronco seriously. Not only is the new off-roader truly legit, but it also offers an optional manual transmission. In an era where everyone is focused on autonomous driving, the stick option is proving to be quite popular with Bronco buyers.

In fact, around 25-percent of Bronco buyers are opting for the manual. Confirmation of the manual’s sell-in comes from Bronco marketing manager Mark Grueber. Grueber recently sat down with Ford Authority for an interview. Given manual sell-in across the industry is less than one-percent, that is no small feat on the Bronco’s part.

What makes the number even more impressive is the fact the manual is not offered on the entire range. Only the smaller turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine can be fitted with the manual. The larger 2.7-liter V-6 is exclusively offered with an automatic gearbox and Ford does not plan to change that. For 2021 model year the manual is also reserved to only the Bronco Badlands trim level.

Interestingly, sell-in on the manual transmission may be poised to increase for the 2022 model year. Ford is planning to allow buyers to pair the manual with the Sasquatch Package in 2022, something that isn’t possible on the 2021. After a big uproar about the Sasquatch package not allowing a manual option, Ford agreed to reverse course on it in 2022.